I believe in helping people realize their dreams and live their best life through thoughtful, holistic planning that’s based on their personal values and goals. As a gay man myself, I know the value of being an individual and not fitting into anyone’s mold. The things that make us different, and the things that are important to us should be reflected in our planning and investments. 

I have been in financial services for 30 years, through good times and tough recessions as well. I’ve seen a lot in that time. I’ve seen what can happen when people have a plan…and when they don’t. That’s why I believe in having a strategy to manage risk, to be prepared for down markets and to capitalize on up markets.  

Dreams should remain constant, no matter what the market is doing. A long time ago, I experienced a lengthy medical disability, lost everything, and was left with a mountain of medical debt. I know what it's like to crawl back. Luckily, I came back better than ever. That’s why I believe in planning. When I say that we need to be prepared for life’s speedbumps, it’s not hypothetical. I lived it and never want anyone to experience what I did.