You deserve to feel welcome, equal, and respected, and to live the life that you’ve designed, on your terms.

LGBTQ+ people share one common experience: because we didn’t fit the traditional mold. We needed to think about our lives, our chosen families, and our values. There was no predefined path. We designed our lives, and we deserve to live them on our terms. My passion is helping make that happen.

As a gay man, I understand our differences well. From partnering to marriage, creating a family, a trans person embarking on transition or needing insurance, or even just living our best lives while single, we need specific support when it comes to our financial lives. We also deserve respect and dignity. 

Many firms are LGBTQ-friendly and have very good intentions. “We treat everyone the same,” they might say – and that’s just the problem. You should work with someone who truly understands you, and who wants you to live your best life – not someone who is tolerant and open, but doesn’t understand the experience. The financial services world can be quite conservative. You need an advocate who knows which companies, resources and services are LGBTQ+ friendly, and one who can navigate insurance underwriting and benefits without you having to explain your relationship or personal needs.




What makes our financial planning needs different?


LGBTQ+ people are having more children than ever before. Family creation can be a complex and expensive process, but the end result is priceless.


Marriage equality is here – but does it make sense for long-term couples?


Many of us are single, or never have children. How can we be financially protected and ensure our wishes will be respected?


What strategies are there for HIV+ people?


We are a charitable bunch! How can we leave a legacy?


You deserve to work with someone who truly understands you and who wants you to live your best life.